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Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Ruswin, together with our business partners, are in a position to provide Integration Solutions for your business. Whether you’re operating across multiple zones within a single site or over multiple facilities, our highly integrated, multi-technology solutions provide a return on investment greater than any other security platform.

These solutions offer an intelligent, powerful way to integrate access control, perimeter security and business processes, delivering unparalleled organizational efficiencies and business continuity improvements.

Continuity of business and operational flow are essential to any organization. The cost of shutting down a site due to non-compliance, security breaches, accidents or intentional damage, is significant. Our security solutions support you and your staff to be safe, healthy and compliant.

The integration of your electronic systems would provide support to workforce management and safety, risk mitigation, business efficiency, building automation and control, self-monitoring and reporting systems, smart facility management and, visitor and contractor management.

Integration examples
  • Workforce Management Solutions
  • Alcolizer Integration
  • Cardholder Display
  • Regulated Zones
  • Random Cardholder Selection
  • Quick Print Labeling
  • Tag Boards
  • Action on Access
  • Bookable Resources
  • Dynamic Exit Zoning
  • Prepay Car Parking
  • Smart Building Technology
  • Competencies
  • Drug and Alcohol Solution
  • Fatigue & Exposure
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Building Automation & Control
  • Cardholder Location Monitoring
  • Compliance & Risk Management Solutions
  • Time Manager
  • Visitor Management Solutions
  • Workforce Safety & Management Solutions
  • Enhanced Dual Authorization
  • Broadcast Notifications
  • Facial Recognition

Ruswin can ensure your integrated solutions can be designed and systems implemented which would meet your operational and business required with total economy, providing a return on investment. 

Ruswin is also in a position to review your current systems in view of upgrading to the latest integrated solutions technology, should this be under consideration.

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