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Genetec Channel Partner

Genetec CCTV & Access control solutions in Jakarta Indonesia

Genetec Security Centre is a complete security platform designed to be the security solution for small business up to large international corporate enterprises. 

The Genetec security platform is compatible with hardware from other vendors for example HID access Control including the Mercury range, Also Axis and Suprema biometric and facial recognition readers and controllers. many of our customers are upgrading from the traditional access control systems and benefiting from the cost savings of using existing controllers. The Genetec upgrade path from Lenel to Genetec is simply a software upgrade Ruswin Indonesia has carried out several major upgrades for customers transitioning from Lenel to Genetec and we have found we can greatly reduce the cost for the customers in Security server requirements and position your have your company ready for the migration to the cloud. 

Upgrading your security system to Genetec will save your company money and streamline your business security requirements. 

Genetec Security Centre has been designed to take advantage of the Cloud this can be a fully hosted SAAS or used for redundancy or to allow for connection of remote sites back to head office without the need for a dedicated VPN link using either the new Linux based Genetec security appliances.  

Genetec Security Center is a different type of platform. It's built from the ground up to unify all of your data so that you can manage security policies, monitor events, and run investigations. Its extensive ecosystem lets you expand your system with the technology you need to face emerging threats. And since it’s not focused on one narrow set of tasks, it accommodates new data types seamlessly in one interface.

Unification not just Integration. 

Unification is an important key feature of Genetec that should not be understated many security systems can integrate with third party systems, Cctv, access control, intercom facial recognition but generally these integrations are are reliant on third party integrators or if carried out by your security integrator the software is written for specific versions of your software and the third party system. Genetec unifies this removes the reliance on middleware applications and compatibility issues with versions in most cases forcing you to retain older versions of software and firmware creating security vulnerabilities with unpatched outdated security systems. 

Modernize your core systems

Manage video, access control, license plate recognition with intrusion management, communications, and more.

See what’s happening clearly

Stop going back and forth between applications. Monitor all security events and manage responses from a single location. 

Unlike integrated systems that simply connect a variety of security applications to share data, Security Center delivers an unparalleled unified operator and user experience. From a single monitoring application at their workstation or in a security operations control room, operators

view the entire security environment. And, with information correlated before their eyes, they benefit from greater awareness and operational insights. This improves their decision-making and reaction time, augmenting the safety of your people and organizations

Multi-task view

Perform monitoring and reporting tasks in multiple tabs so you can instantly go back to the previous operation at hand.

Interactive maps

Monitor your facilities with interactive maps that provide a dynamic view of all security cameras, doors, and alarms, with real-time events and status updates.

Live cardholder verification

With all door activities associated with surrounding cameras, you authenticate cardholder identity (picture) against live or recorded video.

Embedded call management

Place a video call to another operator, or answer an incoming call from an intercom station, directly in the Security Center interface. 

Dynamic dashboard

Take action through an adaptive dashboard that automatically displays commands and controls associated with the currently selected camera, door, or area.

Security Center Synergis™ is an IP access control system that heightens your organization’s security, introduces you to non-proprietary hardware choices, and lets you go about your day knowing that your team is equipped to respond to any threat.

From single-building installations to complex multi-site deployments, Synergis is engineered to handle the needs of growing organizations. From managing cardholders and visitors, printing badges, and running investigations, Synergis will meet your everyday needs. Built-in failover options let you go about your day-to-day operations uninterrupted and with the confidence of knowing that your people and assets are protected during critical situations.

Complete access control features for your day-to-day operations

Threat level management

Quickly change the behavior of your security system in response to changing security conditions and potential threats. Pre-built threat levels can be built based on your corporate security policies.

Global cardholder management Synchronize cardholders, cardholder groups, credentials, and badge templates across multiple independent Synergis systems through multi- server synchronization.

Visitor management

Modernize your approach to visitor management and become more efficient by enrolling visitors in Synergis, assigning physical access rights, and tracking their movements with ease.

Badge design and issuance

Issue cardholder and visitor ID badges so that your staff can easily identify those who should and should not have access to your facilities. With advanced card request workflow, you determine who can create, view, and print badges.

Dynamic interactive maps

Better visualize and manage your security environment by dynamically navigating through facilities and managing a greater number of doors, cameras, intrusion areas, and other security devices.

Failover and redundancy

Count on the availability of your access control system to run reports or make access changes whenever you need them. Get ease of mind with built-in failover and redundancy mechanisms that protect against hardware failure or network interruptions.

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) sync Synchronize your Windows users with Security Center users and cardholders. Adding Windows users in AD will automatically create Security Center users and cardholders along with their groups, credentials, and custom fields.

Elevator destination dispatch Effectively manage elevator traffic based on cardholder’s assigned access and schedules

in Synergis. Optimize your building operations through orderly travel of cardholders.


Facilitate centralized monitoring, reporting, and alarm management across multiple independent sites by synchronizing door entities and related events and alarms between sites in real time.

End-to-end data security and privacy Ensure that your servers, communications, and devices are secured with the latest cryptographic protocols so that your access control system is protected against emerging cyber threats.

Ruswin Indonesia is a Certified Genetec Channel Partner 

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