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Achieve business compliance and reduce corporate risk with every access control decision. At the door determine a person’s suitability for access including their training and certification needs, and fitness for work.

Access management can be based on individual competencies.

  • Safety - is the employee inducted, trained, licensed and fit for work?
  • Equipment - does the employee have the right vehicles or safety equipment?
  • Security - does the employee have the right clearance?
  • Regulatory compliance - are there other requirements the employee has to meet?
  • The platform can also take account of validity periods and competence expiry. Access decisions are delivered to the individual instantly by the door reader or display monitor, or via SMS.

A variety of messages can be displayed which prompt the employee to proactively address any forthcoming issues that arise (such as clearance expiry). If access is denied, then the individual is immediately informed of the appropriate corrective action.

The benefits of competency-based access management are:

  • Automatic enforcement of business OH&S rules and policies
  • Reducing production disruption caused by presence of non-compliant staff
  • Tangible evidence of duty of care to staff and customers
  • Automatic compliance with government regulations
  • Reduction in financial penalties for non-compliance under audit
  • Reduction in legal risks arising from employee accident claim
  • Reduced likelihood of an employee failing to maintain access requirements.

Ruswin, together with our business partners, are in a position to provide this solution as a part of an integrated Access Control and Security Management Systems solutions to meet your operational and business requirements.

These systems and solutions are supplied with total economy, providing a return on investment.

Ruswin is also in a position to review your current Access Control and Security Management Systems in view of upgrading to the latest systems and technology, should this be under consideration.

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