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Fatigue & Exposure

Fatigue & Exposure

An integration in an Access Control System allows sites to monitor the time cardholders are spending within designated areas, create alarms, deliver notifications, and to automatically record events for reporting.

Features include:

  • Alarms when a cardholder is in a zone too long
  • Alarms when a cardholder has not spent enough time offsite
  • Alarms when a cardholder has spent too long onsite cumulatively (weeks or months)
  • Immediate notifications to supervisors (text message or email) for instant action
  • Automatic access control (access privilege removed at the end of a shift)
  • An audit trail for reporting.

Ruswin, together with our business partners, are in a position to provide this solution as a part of an integrated Access Control and Security Management Systems solutions to meet your operational and business requirements.

These systems and solutions are supplied with total economy, providing a return on investment.

Ruswin is also in a position to review your current Access Control and Security Management Systems in view of upgrading to the latest systems and technology, should this be under consideration.

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