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Visitor Management

Visitor Management

The utilization of a Visitor Management System enhances the overall security infrastructure for any organization.

Knowing who is entering your business or facility allows for the correct accountability and management of people, whether they be staff, contractors or visitors

In terms of visitors, a Visitor Management System is used to control the day to day, non-staff member activity. Some of the features include managing visits and access, monitoring and automation of assigned cards as well as full activity notification. The Visitor Management System enables staff to quickly and actively make decisions on access, assign/remove cards, print labels while maintaining a holistic view of the visitors to the site.

This system is supplied with total economy, providing a return on investment.

Visitor management systems can integrate with your current Access Control System and Security Management System.

Examples how automated visitor management systems can be used

Visitor Registration

A website can be created for the tenants of building to register visitors then a notification email will be sent to the visitor with a QR Code or mobile Bluetooth Credential can be sent to the visitors phone for access. 

Visitor Management Kiosk Self Check in.  

On arrival to the lobby the visitor would display the QR code to the reader they would confirm their arrival, a camera will take a photo of the visitor and a proximity card would be issued. or QR Code readers can be installed or Bluetooth Compatible Card Readers HID, Gallagher or Suprema Access Control.

Visitor would enter through the turnstiles and into the lift to the floor required for their visit.  

Automatic access card collectors 

Once the meeting has finished the visitor would return to the ground floor and dispose of there access card into a card collector a reader in the collector would mark the visitor offsite and open the turnstile marked visitor exit.   

Email notifications

All stages of the visit can generate email reports to the visit host including email for example on arrival check in and exit with additional notifications if the visitor has not left site at the registered time. 

Photo ID Scanner

We have integrated our visitor management systems with passport ID scanners and text recognition for all types of Indonesian identity documents SIM KTP Passports the name can be scanned and filled to speed up the registration process and identify return visitors. 

Please watch the videos below for Gallagher Visitor Management and Genetec ClearID Visitor Management.

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