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Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Ruswin, together with our business partners, are in a position to provide Mobile Solutions for your business.

Whether it’s the flexibility to monitor a system from any location, or the convenience of using a smart phone in place of an access card, there is an extensive range of mobile solutions which are designed to deliver user-friendly technology, underpinned by the strongest security.

Access can be set up remotely (great for temporary visitors), and the simple two-step provisioning takes no time at all. A unique subscription model also offers the convenience of transferring credentials between users.

Mobile Connect Digital IDs remove the cost and inconvenience of issuing physical cards for ID cards, providing a digital, on-phone alternative, that can be issued remotely and securely. ID information can be updated in real time with multiple IDs across multiple sites being able to be stored on the one app.

Ruswin can ensure that your mobile solutions can be designed and systems implemented which would meet your operational and business required with total economy, providing a return on investment.

Ruswin is also in a position to review your current systems in view of upgrading to the latest integrated solutions technology, should this be under consideration.

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