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Ruswin is the largest Gallagher Channel Partner in Indonesia our office is located in Jakarta please contact us for a presentation.  

Complete site management

Gallagher Security Command Centre is a powerful operator-friendly security management system that enables you to: 

  • Manage cardholders, including their access, credential and photo identification  
  • Monitor alarms and control all system aspects  
  • Retrieve and report on stored system information  
  • Interface to and exchange information with third party systems  
  • Configure the site and all system components  

Ruswin’s client base is very diverse throughout the countries in which we operate and, with the support of Gallagher over the years, we have successfully delivered many major integrated security projects.

Examples of the business sectors in which we have been actively involved in include the Oil Gas and Mining sectors, Commercial Buildings, Art Galleries, Hotels, Resorts and Villa complexes, the Banking and Finance sector, Data Centers, Military Establishments, Manufacturing sector, Commercial Power projects and High Security Government projects.

Celebrating 20 Years as a Gallagher Access Control Channel Partner

In 2022 Ruswin Integrated Systems celebrated the 20 year anniversary as a Gallagher Channel Partner. Gallagher formally known as Cardax Access Control.

We will continue to work with our existing and future clients within a variety of Industries and Business Sectors throughout Indonesia to provide continuous, high levels of support and service which enhances all aspects of safety and security within a business or company, providing a safe and secure work environment for staff, customers and guests and, ongoing protection of assets and consumer goods.

Explore the range of Gallagher Access Control equipment we can supply and install in Jakarta and throughout Indonesia

Gallagher Controller 6000

Gallagher 8R  8H

Gallagher Controller 6000

Part Number: C300100 Gallagher Controller 6000

The Gallagher Controller 6000 enforces business rules, monitors the environment, communicates with other integrated systems, and makes offline access decisions.

The Gallagher Controller 6000 (C6000) is the interface between the Gallagher Command Centre Server and distributed field hardware. The C6000 is capable of processing, storing, and communicating data in real time when the Gallagher Command Centre Server is offline. The Controller 6000’s straight forward system architecture provides powerful and flexible configuration options.

  • Has two RS485 connections, which may be individually configured to support HBUS, GBUS, SensorBUS or Aperio™ communications
  • Provides connectivity to the 4H & 8H HBUS device modules as well as 4R & 8R reader modules
  • Communicates directly with other Gallagher Controllers over a LAN/WAN using TCP/IP for the purposes of monitoring, back-up and control without requiring the Gallagher Command Centre server to be online
  • Provides I/O functionality via the HBUS and Reader Modules and other I/O expansion options
  • Communicates via the 4H or 8H Modules with Gallagher readers using the high speed HBUS RS-485 protocol
  • OSDP RS-485 reader support
  • Provides onboard front and rear tamper monitoring
  • Includes a USB port as an alternative to the network connection for securely loading software into the Controller
  • Sends and receives events from third party systems within the C6000 using the Gallagher Controller Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Supports high level interfaces for elevator access control
  • Supports the Gallagher T20 Terminal for management and operation of intruder alarm functions and Gallagher Perimeter Security Fence Controllers for integrated perimeter security.
  • Supports alarm management and remote alarms transmission via multiple mediums:
    • LAN/WAN networks using TCP/IP protocol
    • Cellular networks, via cellular modem
    • PSTN Alarms, via Gallagher Dialer
  • Stores up to 500,000 (standard) or 50,000 (Mobile Connect) credentials, and 80,000 events
  • Controls up to 10 monitored high traffic doors for example boom gates or turnstiles or more lower traffic access doors. 
  • Enables operation of integrated perimeter security, with the Gallagher T20 Terminal and Gallagher Perimeter Electric Security Fence
  • Supports on-board controller logic with no server connection with peer to peer controller communications perfect for remote sites.
  • Supports automated software upgrades for all downstream connected HBUS

Gallagher Modules

Gallagher Modules are used to add doors and external alarm devices to the Gallagher system 

The 4H and 8H modules utilize the HBUS protocol which runs at speeds up to 1Mb/s - substantially faster than most other RS-485 based communication protocols. This increased communication speed improves the response time of other Gallagher HBUS devices. 

The 4R and 8R Modules utilize the older GBUS & Cardax Reader Protocols

Gallagher plans to obsolete the legacy range of GBUS devices, which support the ageing ‘GBUS’ communications protocol, from 1 June, 2022. All devices being obsoleted can be substituted with current HBUS solutions, which offer stronger authentication and encryption, and are compatible with other current Gallagher Hardware. HBUS devices can have their software updated in the field, enabling new features and functionality to be deployed as they are introduced.

Contact Ruswin to migrate your site to the newest technology.  

Gallagher Door Controller 8in2out

Gallagher HD I/O

Gallagher T Series Readers

Secure, high speed access readers

  • High speed RS485 protocol, HBUS, offers an access decision response time of 200 milliseconds
  • Unparalleled reader security through IT grade authentication and encryption between the reader and controller with HBUS
  • Support for multiple card technologies including: MIFARE®, MIFARE DESFire EV1® and MIFARE DESFire EV2®, MIFARE DESFire EV3® MIFARE Plus® and MIFARE Classic®*, as well as 125 kHz proximity and Bluetooth® wireless technology (Multi technology readers only)
  • Unrivaled reader durability and water/dust protection
  • Environmentally friendly – RoHS compliant and designed for minimal power consumption
  • Support for custom site encryption keys
  • Heartbeat monitoring to ensure reader status can be monitored in real time
  • Extensive range of reader mounting and protection accessories

*MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESfire EV1 and MIFARE DESfire EV2 MIFARE DESfire EV3 are registered trademarks of NXP B.V.

Gallagher Channel Partner Certificate Issued March 2001

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