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Pelco Video Management System

Pelco was initially Incorporated in America in 1957 and headquartered in California. Recently Pelco was acquired by Motorola this brings Pelco into the same company as Avigilon and IndigoVision Motorola Solutions

Pelco is a provider of security cameras, recording and management systems, software, and services. Pelco products can be found in cities, Embassies, hospitals, airports, seaports, gaming facilities, retail, and office environments, schools, and universities.

Pelco was one of the original CCTV systems for large enterprises using Pelco Endura, originally with analogue recorders with Pelco Matrix then the move into digital with DVR's then NSM's. Pelco Endura is still used in today. We recommend migration to VideoXpert for large systems or VXPro for systems under 100 cameras.

We can also upgrade your Pelco DS Digital Sentry to Pelco VXPro a lot of the time we can even re-use the older Pelco DS or Pelco NSM Servers and install VX. Generally, we would need to upgrade the operating system and replace the workstations.

Ruswin has deployed several VideoXpert systems throughout Indonesia, and our engineers are fully trained and certified.

Pelco VX is an industry leading Video Management System that removes the complexity typically found in other video management systems with an easy to use interface.

One major benefit of Pelco Video Expert is the ability to integrate with Third-Party cameras via Onvif this was always an issue with Pelco Endura. Your site will not need to replace every camera with Pelco and you will be open to select the best camera for the application it could be Flir, Axis, Hanwa, the list of supported devices is extensive.

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