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Airport security is part of a broader definition concerning aviation security. It refers to the defense, law and treaty enforcement, and counter terrorism activities that fall within the airport domain. 

It includes the protection of the airports themselves, the aircraft which utilizes the airport, the protection and inspection of the cargo moving through the airport and the protection and processing of people and vehicles which utilize the airport. This could include the handling of international flights and passengers and, therefore, the processing of the passengers and crews through Customs and Immigration before entering a country’s border.

Ruswin is in a position to provide world class physical and electronic security solutions which meet the requirements for airport facilities with total economy, providing a return on investment. Such systems would include physical security, access control systems, CCTV systems, facial recognition systems, electronic X-ray scanning systems for cargo and baggage, screening systems for people and, explosive device detection and trace systems.

Our Security Applications would include the following:

  • People Management (Keep People Safe) – Access Control – Visitor Management – Emergency Management – Credential Management – CCTV/VMS – Facial Recognition
  • Site Management (Protect Assets) – Site Monitoring – Alarm Management – Perimeter Security – Multi-site Consolidation – CCTV/VMS
  • Building/Site Management (Create Efficiencies) – Building Systems – Resource Allocation
  • Business Management (Ensure Business Continuity) – Compliance – Health & Safety – Operator Efficiency

Ruswin is also in a position to review your current security infrastructure in view of upgrading to the latest Physical/Perimeter Security Systems and Electronic Security Systems and Technology, should this be under consideration.

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