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Cortech Developments

Cortech Developments

Providing software integration solutions for smarter building, fire, life and security systems throughout Indonesia and the rest of the world.

Established in 1992, Cortech Developments have a proven track record in delivering software development and integrated system solutions throughout multiple different regions including the UK, Indonesia, Europe and the Middle East, for high security environments and critical infrastructure, enabling organisations to reduce operational costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Cortech Developments is a completely independent organisation that provides expert software integrations for clients across an array of different sectors, such as the  oil & gas and other utility sectors, prisons, custodial and secure healthcare facilities, stadiums, hotels and museums as well as military establishments, high security Government projects and retail

Our unique position leaves us unaffiliated with any control equipment manufacturers or distributors. This allows us to deliver uncompromising solutions, through our Technical Partners such as Ruswin Indonesia, that help clients to utilise their existing investment in legacy technology, whilst enhancing their systems with the latest product innovations.

Datalog 5

Our core product Datalog, provides a single point of control and monitoring for building, fire, safety, and security systems including Access Control, ANPR, Asset Tracking, Data Monitoring, CCTV, Cell Call, Fire, Intercom, Intruder, Perimeter, Staff Safety, Building Alarms and other emerging technologies.

Datalog is a modular software suite designed to simplify the control and management of otherwise disparate systems into a centralised graphical user interface. In addition to streamlining system operations, Datalog increases situational awareness and accountability while reducing risks and your operational costs.

How You Benefit:

Datalog 5 provides a host of benefits to our system operators, building operators and facility managers. We have helped various organisations from different sectors to improve efficiency and mitigate risk.

  • As a single platform with just one database, Datalog 5 eliminates inefficiencies associated with managing control equipment as individual systems.
  • Specific events and emergent situations can be monitored, highlighted and reacted to both swiftly and effectively.
  • System warnings, alarms and alerts are displayed and identified clearly, assisting users with prioritised data to help direct appropriate response measures.
  • Data is displayed in a graphic, engaging format for improved accountability.
  • A full audit trail is logged, recording an accurate and reliable history of activity and response. Information on individual events is provided through management reporting tools.

Datalog MV

Datalog MV is a video-based software dedicated to integrating CCTV systems into a single, centralised interface. By displaying feeds from different manufacturers operators can monitor complex environments more easily than ever before. Datalog MV assists in managing the safety of building users as well as site security and effective asset management.

As building systems evolve and expand, more intelligent CCTV systems are being added to facilitate effective site monitoring. This practice often results in different cameras, software types and manufacturer setups that can cause interoperability and compatibility issues.

How You Benefit:

Datalog MV offers many operational benefits for users with multiple CCTV systems. Whether you monitor single or multiple buildings, our outstanding software solutions can help to streamline your operation.

  • MV connects directly to each third-party manufacture protocols, allowing your system to benefit from camera and recording features specific to each design.
  • Enabling communication between disparate systems provides significant cost benefits when combining legacy and new technology.
  • Our expert integrations can free you to invest in the best CCTV systems to meet your individual requirements, creating a network to best address your security concerns.
  • Enhanced video playback allows for live, pre/post alarm and historical video footage to be viewed simultaneously across all connected systems.
  • As a standalone system, MV multiple CCTV brands to be managed, monitor and controlled seamlessly as one system.

Ruswin Indonesia is a member of the Cortech Developments Technical Partner Programme, who match our commitment to drive to deliver industry leading solutions that provide end users with efficient and effective solutions, creating a real return on their investment.



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