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Fire & Water Leak Detection Systems

Fire & Water Leak Detection Systems

A fire event in any industry, business or home can lead to catastrophic ends with not only possible loss of human life but the destruction of assets, long-term disruptions and closure of a business with huge, financial consequences.

The management and mitigation of a fire event should be foremost in any risk management platform. 

Most industries and businesses generally have some form of sprinkler system built into the infrastructure of a building or have appropriate fire extinguishers placed at key locations with ease of access. 

Having appropriate alarm systems and smoke detector systems is key for the identification of the exact location of a possible fire event and allows for an immediate response by persons trained to suppress and extinguish the fire.

Ruswin, together with our business partners, is in a position to provide world class systems including Fire Alarm Control Panels, Aspirated Smoke Detectors and Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems with total economy, providing a return on investment. 

Also available are Water leak & Audible Warning Products. These products utilize water leak detection to protect your assets from water. This system is a fully monitored alarm system and is simple to install and maintain.

Ruswin is also in a position to review your current Fire Alarm and Water Leak Detection Systems in view of upgrading to the latest systems and technology, should this be under consideration.  

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