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Explosive Device Trace Systems

Explosive Device Trace Systems

From a risk perspective, the introduction of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) into a security restricted area by a person is considered as high risk.

The high-risk areas would include the aviation sector, marine sector, supply chain sector, road transport sector including railway sector, within the commercial sector, industrial and business sectors, government establishments including the defense sector and, any other sector which may be classed as high security.

There is a vast range of specialized explosive trace detector devices and systems available to meet the particular needs of a user. The correct choice of equipment and software would provide for the most efficient screening among a large variety of technologies including multi-view x-ray or Computer Tomography (CT) with explosive detection algorithm (for explosive detection systems or EDS).

Ruswin, together with our business partners, is well positioned to provide solutions for various types of Explosive Device Trace Systems to meet your requirements with total economy, providing a return on investment.

Ruswin is also in a position to review your current Explosive Device Trace Systems in view of upgrading to the latest systems and technology, should this be under consideration.

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