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Sabotage can damage infrastructures such as electrical sources for the power grid and water sources for human consumption.

Sabotage in the form of physical attacks on electricity infrastructures or the introduction of contaminates to a water supply can also cause major disruptions to other infrastructure components of society.

Cyberattacks can also create havoc with computer, communication, and information systems, which could severely interrupt the supply of electricity and water to businesses, the wider community and society as a whole.

These utilities require world class physical and electronic security solutions to ensure sabotage events are mitigated in the best possible way.

Our Security Applications would include the following:

  • People Management (Keep People Safe) – Access Control – Visitor Management – Emergency Management – Credential Management – CCTV/VMS – Facial Recognition
  • Site Management (Protect Assets) – Site Monitoring – Alarm Management – Perimeter Security including Pulse Fence Systems – Multi-site Consolidation – CCTV/VMS
  • Building/Site Management (Create Efficiencies) – Building Systems – Resource Allocation
  • Business Management (Ensure Business Continuity) – Compliance – Health & Safety – Operator Efficiency

Ruswin, together with our business partners, is in a position to provide the necessary solutions to ensure these vital utilities are protected to the level they need to be with total economy, providing a return on investment.

Ruswin is also in a position to review your current security infrastructure in view of upgrading to the latest Physical/Perimeter Security Systems and Electronic Security Systems and Technology, should this be under consideration.

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