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Mifare DESFire EV3

Mifare DESFire EV3

14th October 2022

Gallagher Desfire EV3 High Security Proximity Cards

Previous generations of proximity cards including Mifare Classic and 125khz cards are known to have security vulnerabilities Ruswin has been upgrading customers to Desfire EV2 for several years. This comes with its challenges is your security system compatible with the new card technologies.  Many sites may be using 3rd party devices for example access card readers on printers or wireless readers and locks that may need to be upgraded before the migration to a secure card technology.

Ruswin Indonesia is now testing Desfire EV3 with all of our systems please contact us to have your system inspected and tested with Desfire EV3.

Desfire EV3 Background 

Ev3 is the latest addition to the Mifare Desfire range of smart cards by NXP released replacing the previous generation EV2 

There is still no known security vulnerabilities with DESFire EV2 but we would always recommend you implement the latest technology as you may keep using the cards for many years EV2 has been the standard for all new installations by Ruswin since 2016 when it was first released. 

Desfire EV3 takes advantage of the latest AES128 encryption.

Time to adopt EV3

Gallagher encourages new sites wanting DESFire credentials to use EV3.  For existing sites also wanting to use DESFire EV3, the site must be using Gallagher Command Centre v8.30 MR3 (or later). This version of Command Centre supports reading and encoding of EV3 credentials.  

Third-Party MIFARE DESFire EV3 compatibility

If the site is using third-party readers, Ruswin strongly recommend the site test EV3 with these readers. The reader will authenticate the credential. If the reader is not expecting an EV3 credential, the card read may fail. Third-party readers may need to be updated with new software or replaced with a newer card reader.

Galllagher Desfire EV3 Cards

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