Electronic Security Systems

Mines present numerous challenges when it comes to ensuring the safety of employees, contractors and the general public.Gallagher Security System secures more than 410 mine sites all aver the world ensuring safety of millions of miners.
Oil & Gas
Since Ruswin was born, this industry is one industry that we grow together with. We know every aspect of security systems required for it’s business continuity.
Data Centres
Logical security and physical security systems is the most critical aspect of data centres. Ruswin pays attentions in details of the physical security part. That’s just what we do best.
Airport security
A huge amounts of BTS are located in rural or remote areas where security systems are very critical. Make sure that you have the right type of security systems implemented for those assets.
Protecting borders is a sensitive matter. Security systems applied in this area are mostly the best breed of security system. Ruswin’s technology is one that fit the criteria.More than 260 international air and sea ports rely on Gallagher system to help keep things moving.
Construction areas are very busy and crowded with contractors. employees and vehicles. Proper security systems enforce safety of people and guarantee the security of materials on transportations, warehouse or/and installed.
Power Generation
Power plants are important infrastructure that requires maximum uptime. The fact that their well being is so crucial makes security systems are an urgent matter.Gallagher makes it easier for 352 energy companies around the world to supply you with power and a further 218 companies to supply you with water and gas.
Reducing risks are very important to manufacturing industry. Ensuring risk at the lowest level is basically what security systems do.Gallagher solutions help 620 manufacturing facilities around the world get their product to market.
Banking & Finance
Banks & other financial institutions are those the most inviting place for crimes. The security systems required are state of the art, and we have the industrial grade security systems needed.Gallagher Security System protects more than 600 financial service providers including over 200 banks spread the world over
Securing cargos is actually part of the logistic business. Excellent security systems are just inherently part of logistic business. Just make sure that you have the excellent security systems like ours.
Hotel & Hospitality
Hospitality industry such as hotels and tourism in general needs to provide convenience as much as security and safety. While most security systems do not fit to the convenience side, Ruswin has successfully implement advance security system in the industry.
Educational Facilities
Protecting our children is simply our duty. We can protect them in homes and in their school. We know just how to do it.Gallagher secures over 407 education campus’ globally, including 90% of Australia and New Zealand’s Universities.