Security Management System / Access Control

Electronic Access Control manages WHO goes WHERE and WHEN through an electronic identification / authorisation / accountability and auditing / reporting process. Higher level access control systems are an effective management tool that can be integrated with 3rd party applications such as security systems, building management systems, evacuation systems, personnel management systems or standalone networks to name but a few.

Gallagher Cardax FT Gallagher Cardax FT (Future Technology) is a platform of the security systems. In fact it is THE platform for industrial grade security systems. The architecture of the technology is just future proof, it enables expansion to more control and embrace integration with new coming devices, sensors, control systems and 3rd party software.

Today, Gallagher readers secure more then 350,000 doors. Gallagher System is the best way to implement access control for a fully secured system. Gallagher systems secure roughly 127,000 fence zones world wide, and power enough fence wire to circumnavigate the world 10 times.

Our high security solutions protect 1423 government facilities around the world, more than 600 financial service providers including over 200 banks spread the world over,  and 450 mine sites all over the world are kept safe by our system. We make it easier for 400 energy companies around the world to supply you with power and a further 250 companies to supply you with water and gas.


Gallagher Cardax FT is a flexible platform to which devices can be integrated with. Below is the list of existing capabilities of integrations with 3rd party devices but not limited to them.



Card Printers


Duress Alarm / Panic Button


3rd Party Software (SAP, MIMS)

Perimeter Security

Time & Attendance

Control & Automation

Electronic Key Safes

True Security System

We use encrypted communication among the devices as a default/standard setup. But we don’t stop there, we are also offering even higher encryption for better security.

True Monitoring

All alerts are reported to operator’s workstations, however with integration with Remote Monitoring Controller (RMC), the system can forward the alerts not just to your email in realtime, but also send you SMS on triggered events.


For specific requirements/inquiries not listed above please contact us.