Perimeter Security

Ruswin has the whole package of perimeter security technologies consisting of fencing, barriers, scanners & alarm system. These integrated with outdoor CCTVs make a complete perimeter security system.

Our fences are designed and built to rigid International Standards. These fence systems are founded on two core principles for perimeter protection:
1. Deterrence – deter anyone from attempting to break in or out.
2. Detection – detect attempts to breach the perimeter.

Perimeter Security Products


Gallagher PowerFence  
Gallagher Fence Integrated Monitoring System
(with intrusion detection)
Gallagher Z10 Tensioned Fence
(with intrusion detection)



Barriers & Gates

  • Bollard
  • Cantilever Gate
  • Boom Gate
  • Flapper
  • Turnstile
  • Man-trap


Explosive & Alien Object Scanner

  • X-ray
  • Walk-through scanner
  • Under Vehicle Scanner


Alarm System

Alarm Management Duress Alarm / Panic Button
Burglar Alarm Remote Alarm

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