CCTV / Video Management System

VMS & CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) are now broadly used to describe the growing array of Video systems within a building or public area used to visually monitor a location for security or business / duty of care purposes. Data from a VMS & CCTV system can be recorded and viewed on-site or remotely.

Common surveillance video technology:

- Motion detection
- Thermal camera
- IR / Night vision camera
- Video analytics, face detection, face recognition
- Digital Video Recorder (DVR) / Network Video Recorder (NVR) / Video Management System (VMS)
- 3rd party video Storage (NAS, SAN)

Currently there are few CCTV systems that supports:
- Video streaming to smartphones/tablets remotely
- Play back to smartphones/tablets remotely

Our Products

Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Network Video Recorder (NVR), Video Management System (VMS)

flir_logo_ruswin_1 FLIR (Formerly known as DVTEL) is a world-class developer of open, scalable, end-to-end video surveillance solutions – from the camera to the control room.
Mirasys is one of the leading providers of open platform Video Management Solutions (VMS) for IP and analog camera surveillance applications and systems. We develop and supply solutions that help organizations manage and utilize information captured by digital video and CCTV cameras.
geovision_logo_ruswin_1 GeoVision produces great Video Management Solutions CCTV products including cameras and DVRs. There are cameras ideal for parking lots, traffic counter as well as colour sensitive cameras and others.
Samsung-logo_ruswin_1 Samsung’s cameras and VMS are world class products with high quality CCTV technologies. Products include hi-res cameras, 360 degree vision cameras and hi-res video recording.



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