Car Park Management

The user presents their credential at the T20 Terminal located at the car park entrance.

Their allocated car park space is displayed on screen along with the date/time that access will expire.

Increase security and prevent queues forming at the car park entrance. A configurable grace period allows a specified number of users to enter the car park when full. An alarm can be raised after a specified time if the user has not exited the car park.


Support for most credentials including DESFire® EV2 cards and mobile credentials. Mobile credentials are hosted in the Gallagher Mobile Connect App (which uses Bluetooth® wireless and NFC technology) to communicate with the reader.

Long range identification

If using the Gallagher Mobile Connect App, optionally increase the T20 Terminal’s Bluetooth┬« wireless read range.

The Command Centre Car Park Viewer provides a dynamic and interactive list of all car park spaces on site, filterable by allocated, unallocated, occupied, division, and car park.

Privileged administrators are able to:

View current allocations and available car park spaces

View personal data fields belonging to the Cardholder

Allocate/remove car park spaces

Modify allocation from and until date and times


Car parks and car park spaces are configured in the Command Centre. Flexible configuration allows a range of allocation modes to be deployed.


Four allocation modes are supported providing flexibility for customer preference:

  • Self-allocation upon presentation of a credential at a T20 Terminal (when multiple car park spaces have been allocated)
  • Administrator allocation (using Command Centre)
  • System automated allocation (using a scheduled Bulk Change in Command Centre)
  • With the use of Cardholder REST API, it is possible to assign Cardholders to Access Groups used to allocate Car Park Spaces.

For administrator or system automated allocation, users can be informed of allocation via email or SMS.

A user can have multiple car park spaces allocated, (e.g. a personal and shared car park space) using any of the allocation modes.


A range of expiry modes can be configured to help ensure high car park utilization, for example:

  • Allocate for a specified period of time
  • Expire all at a specified time
  • Until DD/MM/YYYY (e.g. end of week, month, semester, or year)
  • Permanent allocation

A privileged administrator can optionally adjust expiry dates on an individual as-required basis.