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To be seen as smart buildings, structures should be considered as an evolving project which changes throughout its life and be affected by modified use. With the evolution of information technology, investment in systems should not become an expensive mistake by the virtue of their inflexibility.

In order to create these smart buildings, you should be thinking of implementing interoperable strategies that deliver common ‘look and feel’ control, monitoring, alarm handling, analysis and management reporting tools to maximise the performance of your buildings, people and systems.

Ruswin provides an integrated solution with Gallagher & Cortech’s Energy and BMS modules form part of the Datalog command and control solution enabling real time monitoring and control of smart building technology. This reduces the need and overhead cost for a dedicated manned BMS control desk.

Whilst your security operations may remain as a standalone responsibility, improved interfacing assists with communication and management of ‘out of hours’ response.

Smart energy monitoring reduces your energy usage, emissions and costs. Real time threshold monitoring for consumption and emissions, automatically generates alarm events and procedural responses. This is particularly beneficial with monitoring instances of leaks and exceptional high energy use that are not immediately evident.

If you intelligently monitor the movement of people in buildings and rooms, significant efficiencies are achieved. With the utilisation of CCTV and security detection devices room temperature and lighting is reduced based on non-occupancy.

For any existing integration you have for security and fire control equipment, the energy and bms modules can be seamlessly integrated to maximise system interoperability and efficiency:

  • Intelligent metering – real time events and comprehensive reporting
  • Display meter readings – online hosting includes monitoring, analysis, reporting and reviews
  • Set thresholds for power, temperature and water usage
  • Switch outputs for sounders, lights and display

We regard buildings as adaptable and sustainable. Greater interoperability provides the ability to capture key point indicators, making building data more visible. Datalog measures in real time how buildings perform; providing the ability for early corrective intervention.

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