Audio Video Integration

In todays world, communications are becoming more and more important. Business meeting are now supported with teleconference capabilities and all great technologies to achieve business goals. Meeting rooms, conference rooms and auditoriums are becoming more complex. In Ruswin, we always simplify complex things into simple solutions for you.

Conference Room
Integration of high tech video streaming, communication and audio system are demanded to met high quality and expectations that businesses need. We provide solutions for automations and controls over projectors, screen projectors, blinds, ambient lightings, audio systems, and video conferencing into touch panel control system.
Meeting Room
Meeting rooms are where most businesses actually takes place. We help you with solutions for you to have a complete control over meeting rooms such as automations on blinds, projector & the screen, audio systems and others.
A complex auditorium requires great efforts of planning and great quality audio-video products and integration. Our engineers and products guarantee that the quality that you expect is going to be met.

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